Oct 2, 2012

"With nearly one in four children in Ohio living in poverty, declining welfare rolls should become a call to action, not a reason to cheer"

The Toledo Blade recently published a very interesting editorial about the dramatic drop in people receiving welfare in Ohio. The editorial also looks that the reasons for why the number of people receiving cash assistance is dropping so rapidly at a time when the number of people living in poverty is not decreasing.

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Low income voters could play a key role in the November elections

The county Job and Family Services offices in Ohio have registered more than 500,000 voters since 2010. The Toledo Blade recently wrote an outstanding article about this influx of voters and the impact they could have on Election Day.

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Oct 1, 2012

New report examines how federal tax dollars are spent locally

Athens County Job and Family Services has put together a report examining how our federal tax dollars are spent in all of the counties in Ohio’s newly configured Sixth and 15th Congressional Districts. The report looks at items such as the following:
  • How many people receive food, cash and medical assistance in each county in the district,
  • How many people receive some form of government healthcare,
  • How much the average resident in each county pays in federal taxes, compared to how much each person receives in federal funds spent in each county,
  • How many people work for the government in some capacity.
Click here to read the report.