Sep 27, 2013

Two new reports examine the huge drop in the welfare caseloads in Ohio

Two reports released in the last month both call attention to the fact that the state of Ohio has been removing welfare recipients from the caseloads in order to meet its federal work requirements.
Ohio's overall welfare caseload has dropped by more than 100,000 people since January of 2011.   The reports state that the goal was not to put people back to work or to help them live independently, but rather only to meet the statistical goals as set by the federal work requirements.
Click here to read the first report, which was commissioned by the state of Ohio and points out how Athens County handled its welfare caseload and work requirements differently from the rest of the state.
Click here to read the second report, which was completed by the Center For Community Solutions.

Sep 24, 2013

New report studies why the Ohio Works First cash assistance program caseload dropped by more than 100,000 since January 2011

The Center For Community Solutions recently completed a thorough study examining the Ohio Works First welfare cash assistance program in Ohio. The report, "Ohio Works First is a Flawed Model for a Workforce Program," provides some startling numbers and information.

Sep 23, 2013

Columbus Dispatch article examines huge drop in welfare caseload in Ohio

The Columbus Dispatch article, "Ohio's welfare focus is cutting roles, not aiding job hunts," takes a very interesting and informative look at the huge drop in the Ohio Works First cash assistance caseload in Ohio.
Click here to read the article, which was published on Sept. 21.

Sep 13, 2013

Budgeting and food planning workshop to be held at The Work Station

The Work Station will host a free workshop on Thursday, Sept 19. The workshop will focus on budgeting and food planning, and a free lunch will be provided to those who attend. Click here for more information.