Jun 20, 2007

Thanks, athensi!

The Job & Family Services blog has just been added to a great online resource for local news, both from traditional news sources like the Messenger, as well as a number of other bloggers. Check it out! Athensi.com.

We haven't gotten much of a response regarding food stamps and what you'd buy with them yet, but we'd still love to hear from you. Also, if you're a volunteer or employee at any food banks or other organizations that provide free food to low income families, is the article from the Athens News pretty accurate regarding increased demands? Is it harder over the summer with children home from school? It would be a real eye-opener to hear from people that experience it every day.

One last quick note regarding free food is that the Athens County libraries will be serving free meals to children under 18 as well as adults with mental and physical disabilities all summer long. Meals will be provided at Glouster, Nelsonville, Chauncey and Coolville branches. The announcement in the Messenger last Wednesday didn't go into much detail, but if you want more information, click here for the library's contact information.

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