Aug 19, 2010

August is Child Support Awareness Month

August is National Child Support Awareness Month, and it is a good time to remember that child support does not just mean financial support, but emotional support as well.

Each year, National Child Support Awareness Month is held to raise awareness about the importance of child support programs. These programs are designed to help provide children with the opportunity for a better life. Research shows that children who grow up with emotional and financial support from both parents become more productive. The theme for this year is “Throughout life, support matters.”

The Athens County Child Support Enforcement Agency plays an important role in the lives of thousands of Athens County children. Each year, the agency collects approximately $4.4 million in support payments for more than 10,000 children. Most parents who are obligated to pay child support do so without any problems. In fact, the Athens County Child Support Enforcement Agency is only actively involved with a very small percent of the child support cases in the county. The Athens County Child Support Enforcement Agency thanks those parents who put their children first.

In addition to providing financial support, all parents are also strongly encouraged to provide emotional support by being involved in their children’s lives, engaging them in conversation and remaining active with them no matter how old they are. For more information on the Athens County Child Support Enforcement Agency, call 593-5046 or 1-800-436-8933 or send an e-mail to

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