Apr 22, 2011

Additional comments from our clients about the challenges they face

As a follow-up to a recent post, here are additional comments from Athens County Job and Family Services clients, talking about the challenges they face meeting their basic needs:

“My husband has a full-time job, but it is barely enough to cover utility bills, mortgage, property taxes and household expenses. Now that gas prices are so high, we cannot afford car repairs and normal maintenance. My husband and I are both in poor health and cannot afford the medications, procedures and surgeries that would ease some of our pain. My husband has mini strokes and works very hard. He is also a veteran of the U.S. Air Force. My husband and I do not qualify for Medicaid. I can’t believe that citizens are treated this badly. “

“I’m a single parent to three children who are all in school. My kids’ father lives in another state and is currently not paying child support. I do work, but I am still in need of the help I get through Job and Family Services when it comes to my medical for myself and my kids, as well as the food assistance. I wish it was so much easier to make an absent parent, no matter where they live, pay child support. I work 6 days out of 7 just to be able to pay my bills. Now, with the rise of gas prices, that adds on to my monthly bills. I try my hardest to make sure my kids are healthy and having the medical help I can. If they try and take away these services or cut the help, I can handle it on myself not having, but my kids need it. Life is not all about the rich. People don’t understand what we face on a daily basis.”

“I am a single mother of a young child. I have also been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. I currently have no job and I am enrolled at Hocking College. I only get food stamps and medical insurance, but it does help.”

Getting back and forth to the doctor has been hard. I have no car, no money for gas. No heat. Not enough food. My medical coverage doesn’t cover everything. Not enough doctors in my area.”

“I cannot find sustainable income. I have several overdue bills (mainly medical) and I owe $50,000 on student loans. My nephew (whom I care for) requires new clothing – he has outgrown all of his summer clothes from last year. Additionally, he is receiving counseling from Tri-County Mental Health for behavioral and emotional problems. While his medical card covers this, the price of gas is climbing higher, so the resources I need to him to his weekly (and much-needed) appointments are not guaranteed.”

“I am a 19-year-old single mother who is still in high school. I have no job and no car to have a good job. I have applications in literally everywhere close to where I live in Athens County. I live with my mother and 7 other people, with a two-bedroom house with no hope of getting my own place for me and my 2-month-old son. I get $355 a month and with that I help pay rent ($150), a dresser payment and a phone bill, which leaves me with almost nothing to spend on my son or me, and I don’t get child support so I have to squeeze by and rely on others to help.”

I have arthritis, fibromyalgia, diabetes, bursitis and asthma. I have twice started jobs that I couldn't finish for health related reasons. Financially, I am barely keeping my head above water. I am waiting for my Social Security to be approved. I am behind on my electric bill, my car is falling apart, and it’s hard to keep my son in school clothes and supplies.”

“Being a construction worker in Ohio is very hard. If we don’t build, we don’t work and there is very little work for skilled labor in the state of Ohio if we can’t travel to our sister states, West Virginia, Pennsylvania. We cannot afford medical or even feeding our children.”

“The business where I worked has closed down. I receive Social Security benefits for my two children for death benefits. I also have another child and struggle to make ends meet.”

“I cannot pay for any medical bills I have. I also have a daughter that is financially hard to provide for without the help of food stamps and medical assistance."

“Lack of being able to find a job with growing back child support and failing use of my knees.”

“I have two kids and I am out of work. I had to go sign up for Food Assistance and Medicaid. I want to work, there are just not any good jobs out there anymore.”

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