Aug 26, 2013

Two interesting articles provide additional perspective on the recent Cato commentary about welfare in America

A recent report from the Cato Institute about welfare in America has been receiving a great deal of media attention. Here are links to two very interesting articles that take a deeper look at the report, and a link to a report that Athens County Job and Family Services published.

Here is a link from Business Insider to an article titled "There's A New Study That Says Welfare Pays Better Than Work — Here's Why It's Total Nonsense"

Here is a link from the Toledo Blade to the editorial titled "Easy chair or safety net? A new study says welfare discourages work, in Ohio and across the country. It isn’t that simple or clear"

Also, here is a link to a report that our agency put together to explain the facts of what welfare spending is really like in Ohio and in America.

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