Oct 7, 2013

Food Stamps benefits to decrease in November

All U.S. residents who receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits will see a cut in their benefits in November.

Congress has already approved the cut for the SNAP program, which was formerly known as Food Stamps. The cut in benefits will vary for each household, but will be up to $10 per person for the monthly benefits.
All Athens County and Ohio residents who are enrolled in the SNAP program will be receiving letters in October about the November decrease in assistance.
Currently in Ohio, a household of one can receive a maximum benefit of $200 per month. Beginning in November, that maximum benefit will drop to $189 per month. Many people do not receive the maximum benefit. The minimum amount that a one-person household can receive is $16 per month. In November, that amount will drop to $15 per month.
The maximum cuts in assistance for households of different sizes are as follows:
·         Households of 2 - $20
·         Households of 3 - $29
·         Households of 4 - $36.
Ohio currently has more than 1.8 million SNAP recipients, and the average benefit is $132 per person. Athens County currently has more than 11,000 SNAP recipients who receive an average benefit of $125 per month.

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