Jun 4, 2014

State's proposed bonuses for welfare workers a "slap in the face"

The state will tap welfare funds to pay bonuses to caseworkers who help the most people find a job and get off public assistance.

Republican Senate President Keith Faber tucked the pilot program into an off-year budget bill that cleared the House and Senate yesterday and is headed to Gov. John Kasich to sign into law.

The goal of the three-year pilot-program bonuses is to give local caseworkers incentive to find innovative ways to help people become self-sufficient, said Faber, R-Celina. It would provide $50,000 to each of five participating counties.

It’s a slap in the face of caseworkers,” Jack Frech said of the incentive program. Frech is the director of the Athens County Department of Job and Family Services. “They (lawmakers) have this perception that there are all these good-paying jobs out there and caseworkers aren’t telling (welfare recipients) about them.”

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