Nov 16, 2011

Homeless area residents explain the challenges they are facing

Throughout the last year, many of our clients at Athens County Job and Family Services have filled out surveys discussing the hardships they are facing. Following are several of the comments from clients who are currently homeless or are in danger of becoming homeless:

“Currently, my hardships are that I have no job and am having a hard time finding work. As a result, I have no home, I just have to bounce around from place to place and stay with my friends. I also have no money to pay for groceries or food at all. I won’t need help for long, but at the moment I would really appreciate it.”

“I have no money or income. I have been living out of my car and I am seeking help with food. I have been looking for work, but no luck. Please help. I would also appreciate medical, too, but food is what I need. Thanks for your time.”

“At this time, I am homeless. My in-laws are letting me stay with them for a short time, but I have to pay $100 a month to help with bills. I am currently unemployed but am seeking work. They cannot afford to feed me so I’m applying for food assistance. Also, I am a diabetic so I must eat differently from them. To add to the trouble, I am obligated to pay a total of $400 a month in child support. With me not living with my children, I cannot get medical help with my diabetes. Being unable to find employment, I must find side jobs to do just to pay the $100 rent, which in hand has me struggling on feeding myself and that is a HUGE issue due to my diabetes. It is very hard to control when I can’t afford food, let alone buying my insulin.”

“My ex-boyfriend and I split and I had to move back in with my parents. I have no car right now or a job, so I’m trying to get a job, but it seems that with having a felony five on my record (receiving stolen property), no business will give me a chance. I do not receive assistance right now, and I get $45 a week to support my son in child support, which honestly isn’t much. My child needs winter clothing as well as I do, and I have no job to go buy clothing at the moment. I’m living with my parents, but am expected to buy my own food and pay $100 in rent a month.”

“I have just moved back in with my mother, as I’m working on getting the SSI going again. I fix my own food, and I need medical assistance to go see a doctor.”

“Right now, I am homeless. I stay here and there, wherever I can. All I have is my food stamps. I get $180 a month. They do help, so I can at least eat during the month. I just wish Job and Family Services could help me get into a home. I have very bad back problems and bipolar problems and have tried for SSI and have missed appointments due to no ride or no gas money. It’s been real hard without any help! Plus, with my mental problems, I forget a lot of things, especially appointments.”
“I can’t make my house payment and keep all of the utilities on. I can’t do it all by myself.”

“I am facing a lot of hardships right now. I currently am homeless and the cost of food is so much over with the food stamps (they do help) but you can still barely eat well all month. It would be nice if we could get an increase in food stamps and with cash assistance.”

“I’m still in school and I have to find a way to and from school every day because I’m homeless and I don’t have a job.”

“Currently, I am unemployed with absolutely no money coming in at all. I have medical needs as far as paying for prescriptions and regular doctor visits and unpaid medical bills. Currently, I have a credit card bill and have no place to live, so I am homeless with no money to find a place to live. I have been staying wherever I can with whoever will help me out, like friends. But I have a mailing address that they will let me have my mail sent to. Also, I currently do not have a vehicle.”

“I just left an abusive relationship and I’m staying at My Sister’s Place with my daughter. We don’t receive enough food to feed us both and because of my past relationship, I am sanctioned so I can’t receive any cash from JFS. I have no job, so I constantly worry about what I’m going to do. I’m tired of depending on everyone else. I’m attending Hocking College also, so I’m trying very hard to better our lives. It would just be nice to get a little more help along the way. Thank you. I appreciate all of the help that JFS is giving us. It helps me keep my daughter fed and if anything happens to her, I know I can get her medical attention. Thank you so much.”

“I am homeless and that makes it hard to find jobs, especially when there are no jobs hiring.”

“Currently, I am living from place to place till I can get money to get my own place. I have very bad back problems and severe bipolar issues so it makes it really hard to keep a job if I do fine one. My depression and anxiety really get to me when I work around people. It is just really hard to find a job in Athens County and when I do my problems mess it up for me. My back problem is my biggest issue. It doesn’t matter if I have a job standing up or sitting down; the pain in my back always affects me.”

“Right now, I am currently homeless without employment. I am pursuing a Social Security claim. I would not have insurance or be able to buy food without the help of JFS.”

“At this time, both myself and my boyfriend are unemployed and living with my mother. Due to lack of jobs, we have to worry about coming up with money to buy the things we need for our daughter, such as diapers, wipes and food. I’ve worried many months about how we were going to provide for our daughter.”

“I lost my job in December. My gas, electric and water will soon be shut off due to non payment. I am struggling to buy food. I have two children. My husband does work, but we cannot make it alone on his income. I have been looking for work for a month to no avail. We need temporary help till I can find work.”

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