Aug 15, 2012

Changes coming to the GED tests in Ohio

Athens County residents interested in earning their GEDs may want to get started soon before the price of the test greatly increases and other changes are put into place.

Currently, Ohio residents pay $40 in order to take the GED test. In January of 2014, the price is set to increase to $120.

Under the current price structure, area residents who enroll in the Adult Basic Literacy and Education (ABLE) program at The Work Station and pass the pre-test are able to have the $40 GED testing fees paid by Athens County Job and Family Services. The funding for the fees comes from local donors, as well as from state and federal funding programs at Athens County Job and Family Services, which is the agency that operates The Work Station.

With the cost increasing significantly in 2014, it is not known yet if Athens County Job and Family Services will be able to continue to cover the GED expenses for its ABLE students at that time.

Also in 2014, the GED test will be converted from the current booklet form to a computerized test. In another change, the test will be given by a private company.

Anyone interested in taking the test now or enrolling in classes to prepare for the examination is encouraged to call The Work Station at 797-1405. Teachers at The Work Station help students prepare for the different parts of the GED exam, and students in the ABLE program can also take classes at Tri-County Adult Career Center to prepare.

Many area residents may have taken the test previously, but have not had high enough scores on all of the sections in order to pass. These individuals are also encouraged to call The Work Station and to enroll in the ABLE program in order to help them increase their scores so that they can pass the test.

Currently, they may only need to raise the scores on the parts of the GED tests where they scored low before. In 2014, though, they would have to take the entire test over again if they hope to earn their GEDs.

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