Aug 20, 2012

Work requirements for welfare are having a huge impact in Ohio

While national political leaders debate the issue of if America’s welfare program has tough enough work requirements, the state of Ohio has thrown more than 75,000 people off of welfare since January of 2011 primarily due to the work requirements.

According to the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services Public Assistance Monthly Statistics (PAMS) report, in January 2011, Ohio had 226,778 people receiving Ohio Works First (OWF) cash assistance. Since that time, the state has been removing thousands of people from the welfare program primarily due to the implementation of strict work requirements. In May 2012, the number of recipients had dropped to 159,034.

While May is the latest month shown in the PAMS figures, other state reports show that the number of people being removed from OWF continued to increase in June and July.

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