Apr 10, 2013

New report on the problems caused by a lack of transportation in Ohio

Lack of transportation is a major problem for many people in Athens County and around Ohio, and the problem is getting worse.

Many people today simply cannot afford the thousands of dollars it takes to own and operate a vehicle. In addition, many people lose their driver’s licenses because they cannot afford to pay for car insurance.
Public transportation is a big help to a large number Ohio residents, but it is not available in most parts of Athens County and in many parts of the state.
Without reliable transportation, people are unable to work, go to job training/education programs or access public services. This lack of transportation also deprives people of the opportunity attend social, religious, informational or entertainment events. It also isolates them and keeps them from the traveling to parks and other places that could help to improve their quality of life.
The transportation issue also hurts the economy in Athens County and around the state, as many people are unable to take part in activities that help to drive economic growth. It is a problem that is often not recognized by people with reliable transportation, but it is growing and is having a significant impact.
Athens County Job and Family Services and the Hocking-Athens-Perry Community Action Program (HAPCAP) have put together a report that examines the different issues surrounding the lack of transportation in Athens County and the state. Representatives of the two organizations discussed the report at a press conference held on Friday, April 5 at The Work Station in The Plains.
Click here to read the report.

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