Jul 9, 2013

New driver’s license reinstatement fee installment plan in Ohio

Beginning on July 15, Ohio residents who owe at least $150 in driver’s license reinstatement fees will be able to have their license suspensions lifted while they make payments on the fees that they owe. The drivers will have to meet several conditions in order to be eligible for the program, but this change in Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles requirements will help a large number of state residents regain their driving privileges.

Currently in most cases, Ohio residents have to repay all of their reinstatement fees before they can regain their driver’s licenses. For people who owe thousands of dollars in fees, this can be very difficult, especially if their inability to drive keeps from retaining a job.

Under the new policy that takes effect on July 15, Ohio residents who have met all of their other license reinstatement requirements, have proof of car insurance, do not have a pending license suspension and are not already on a court ordered payment plan for their driver’s license will be able to apply for the new reinstatement program.

The program allows eligible Ohio residents to pay a minimum amount of $50 per month toward their license reinstatement fees and regain their driving privileges as long as they remain current on their payments.

In order to apply for this program, Ohio residents should visit an Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles License Reinstatement Center. The nearest License Reinstatement Center is located at 110 Twin Oaks Drive in Jackson. The facility is open 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. on Mondays through Fridays. The phone number for the Jackson office is 740-286-5683.

Athens County residents can also contact Athens County Reentry Program Coordinator Scott Zielinski at The Work Station at 740-797-1405 for additional information.

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