Aug 10, 2007

Child Support Awareness Month Parenting Tips

Throughout the month of August, the Child Support Enforcement Agency is trying to educate parents to improve their relationships with their children and encourage them to be responsible role models. Non-custodial parents certainly aren’t the only parents who can use this advice, however. Every parent in every situation can benefit from the tips we’ve gathered. If you listen to Power 105 in Athens or 107.7 in Nelsonville (or their AM affiliates AM 970 and 770, respectively), you’ve probably heard the public service announcements that assert: “Child Support: It’s more than just money.” Here are some of our top suggestions:

·Want your kids to respect you and others? Show them how by respecting them. Use their mistakes as opportunities to teach.
·You teach children not to call others names, so be sure you follow that rule, too. Never call your kids names, and watch how you interact with other adults in front of your children.
·Let your children know your love is unconditional. Praise them for their accomplishments and their efforts. Show them you’re there for them through failures and successes.
·Show your children you value them by giving age-appropriate responsibilities and showing your appreciation when these tasks are accomplished.
·Give your kids the opportunity to make decisions and try things on their own. This will give them confidence and help them acquire new skills.
·Parents shouldn’t fight in front of their kids. Protect your children from emotional violence just as you would any other violence.
·Children need structure, routine, limits and involvement from both parents. It makes them feel safe, secure and loved.
·Be interested in your children’s lives. Come watch their games and ask them about their day.
·Show your children affection not just when they are babies. Hug them and tell them you love them.
·PLAY with your kids! Don’t just watch them play. It will show them you’re interested in what they like, and you’ll have more fun, too!
·Make time to spend together, and also spend time with your kids individually. You will bond and learn to appreciate how each child is special.
·Listen to your kids when they talk to you. Stop what you’re doing, make eye contact, and listen. It will show them you respect them and they will learn to be better communicators.

Parenting—no matter what your relationship is with your children’s other parent—is the most challenging role an adult can have and comes with a lot of responsibility. If you have any words of wisdom that you think can help single parents or parents in general, or any other stories that go along with Child Support Awareness Month, we encourage your comments!

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